Searching for your dream home online can be fun and exciting, but it can also be difficult. As Realtors, we know that not all home search sites are created equal.

Introducing Collab! Collab is an amazing technology tool that gives you real-time access to MLS listings. Collab allows you to have full control so you see exactly what your Realtor sees.

Want to know what makes Collab so great? Keep reading!

In today’s hot market, where houses sometimes sell the same day they hit the market, speed and access is first and foremost. With Collab, you can find out about a new listing the very moment it gets uploaded into MLS by requesting instant notifications.

This is the only home search tool you need because it gives you access to ALL of the listings hitting MLS. With some other search engines, if the listing agent does not provide explicit permission to advertise, the listing will not be accessible. 

Collab is mobile. The intuitive and user-friendly interface can be accessed from any device.  

Similar to your favourite social media platforms, you can quickly interact with listings by liking, disliking and commenting directly on them or your actual search! And if you want, you can also communicate directly with a Realtor through the program, ensuring you’re both on the same page and so they know exactly what you are looking for.  


You’re in control. Once you’re in the system, you can search whatever you want, wherever you want. You can also create custom lists to tell your agent “properties I want to see”, “properties I like” and more!

Arguably one of the best features of Collab is its ease of use.  Enjoy extra large property images and additional information like transit maps, a mortgage calculator as well as a list of similar listings to what you’re searching.

Through an exclusive invite from North Group, you can gain access to this amazing search tool. Use Collab for your home search process or just check it out for fun! 

CLICK HERE to request an invite for access to Collab now.